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CLA-100 Classic Series Dual Beam LED Ultraviolet (UV-A) Blacklight Lamp (Rent For Only $40 Per Day, 5 Day Minimum Rental)



The Classic Series Dual Function Ultraviolet (UV-A) Blacklight LED Inspection Lamp Kit contains the CLA-100, a handheld, light source featuring two ultra-high intensity Ultraviolet (UV-A) Blacklight LED’s & one white LED. The lamp handle is ergonomically designed and features a fan-less cooling system. The CLA-100Z is ideal for fluorescent magnetic particle and penetrant testing and other specialized applications.

Compliance: ASTM E1444 and E3022

Key Features

•Instant-on operation. Reaches full Ultraviolet (UV-A) Blacklight /White Light Intensity immediately.
•Lamp is equipped with UV-A Pass filter to minimize visible light and increase UV light
•Fan-less mechanical cooling keeps light source cool to maintain optimum UV-A intensity during extended use.
•Lamp was designed with long lasting LED bulbs

Whats Included: Comes complete with Classic Series Dual Function Ultraviolet (UV-A) Blacklight LED Inspection Lamp with lanyard,, 9 Foot AC Cord set, UV Absorbing Spectacles, Carrying Case For Spectacles, Protective Carrying Case.

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